When Living in the UK, I worked for a wonderful company that had sustainability engrained in what they do. I learnt so much from the two founders and it was something that in my personal life I was passionate about. I knew that when I started my own business I too, wanted sustainability at the core of what I do.

It’s always something that is easy to start doing rather than having to change all your practices later down the track. So, how is Lumenae Aesthetics sustainable? I have chosen to stock only brands and products that put sustainability and the environment at the heart of what they do. That’s why I have chosen to stock Synergie Skin for the range of medical grade products that I use. Founded by Terri Vinson, a Cosmetic Chemist who is passionate about clean science. There are no questionable ingredients in the products, not tested on animals, and everything is made in Melbourne, Australia, down to the packaging. We also use reusable or at the very least, recyclable products where we can. No disposable headbands here!

Did you know that websites can be sustainable too? I’m very lucky to have a husband who practices sustainable web design and has created a website for me that emits a low amount of carbon emissions. Did you know that the web produces as much carbon emissions as a small country? To give you an example, the web produces more emissions than the UK. Crazy I know, but when you think about it, we use electricity to power our computers, and websites use huge data centres to power the internet to show the content on said websites. If we can reduce how much data our website produces, then in turn we reduce our carbon emissions and help to create a more sustainable web. If you’ve found web sustainability interesting you can find out more over on the website carbon page.

Sustainability is always something that we can improve on and as a business, is something that we will continue to improve on in as many areas as possible.

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