Synergie Skin Vitali-3 Limited Edition Gift Set

Nurture your nurturer.

Experience the transformative powers of the Synergie Skin trio of skincare saviours, all working in synergy to renew, hydrate and revitalise your skin. This transformative giftset consists of three barrier-loving favourites that are essential for optimal skin vitality:

Dermiotic, 30mL

A pre-serum elixir formulated with prebiotics and postbiotics to balance and calm the delicate surface microbiome of your skin.

HyalaVive, 30mL

A hydration and barrier-strengthening powerhouse serum to address skin hydration on multiple levels, while fortifying the skin and soothing inflammation.

HyDrolock, 30mL

An ultra-rich moisturiser that locks in and builds your skin’s moisture while working double duty to repair and restore parched skin and offer antioxidant protection.

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