Fitzpatrick Scale

Common characteristics of Fitzpatrick Skin Types

Type I – White skin color, blonde hair, and green eyes, always burns in the sun, has freckles. Common ethnic background: English, Scottish.

Type II – White skin color, blonde hair, and green/blue eyes, always burns, has freckles and is difficult to tan. Common ethnic background: Northern European.

Type III – White skin color, blonde/ brown hair, blue/brown eyes, tans after several burns, and may freckle. Common ethnic background: German.

Type IV – Brown skin color, brown hair, and brown eyes, tans more than average, rarely burns, and rarely freckles. Common ethnic background: Mediterranean, Southern European, Hispanic.

Type V – Dark brown skin color, brown/black hair with brown eyes. Tans with ease, rarely burns, and no freckles. Common ethnic background: Asian, Indian, some African

Type VI – Black skin color, black hair, and brown/black eyes. Tans, never burns, deeply pigmented, and never freckles. Common ethnic background: African.

Find out your Fitzpatrick Skin Type

What colour are your eyes?
What is your natural hair colour?
What colour is your skin in unexposed areas?
Do you have freckles in unexposed areas?
What happens when you stay in the sun too long?
To what degree do you tan?
Do you tan with several hours of sun exposure?
How does your face react to the sun?
When did you last expose your body to the sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)?
Have you exposed the area to be treated to the sun?