Skin care that isn’t just skin deep

Our story

At Lumenae we think about skincare a bit differently. We are a skin health, and wellness clinic run by mother and daughter with over 30 years in the medical industry.

As a Registered Nurse and Accredited Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, we can address all your skincare concerns, from the inside out, including Anti-ageing, Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea, and Eczema through our use of cosmeceutical skincare and treatments, Chinese herbs, and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Having suffered from severe acne for a number of years, trying different skincare brands and clinics, I was finally prescribed medical grade skincare that actually worked. After diligently following a strict skincare routine plus targeted supplements prescribed by my mum Tina, I finally got on top of my acne and haven’t looked back!

Lumenae Aesthetics is run by a Registered Nurse and Chinese Medicine Accredited Practitioner

Meet the team

Neisha Glen – Owner, Registered Nurse and Lead Skin Clinician at Lumenae

In 2014, I graduated from University and became a Registered Nurse. I worked in a wonderful rural hospital for 3 years on a Medical/Surgical ward, Aged Care and in the Emergency Department, during my time there I developed the clinical assessment skills that I’m now sharing with all of my clients at Lumenae. Finishing up in early 2017, I, with my husband, moved across the world to live in London.

In London, I worked in the Oncology outpatients ward at the Royal Marsden and in a Harley street cosmetic surgery clinic. Harley Street in London is known for its large number of prestigious medical and surgical clinics. Eventually landing a job that afforded me an amazing work-life balance, I worked in HR and Office management.

In early 2021, I returned to Australia and began putting in motion plans to open my own skincare clinic, and that became Lumenae Aesthetics.

I’ve always been really passionate about skin. I have struggled myself with severe acne and know the effects it can have on your confidence and overall wellbeing. I am so very excited to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to help you through your skincare concerns and achieve the full potential out of your skin.

Tina Glen – Accredited Practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Cosmetic Acupuncturist

Meet Tina, Chinese Medicine Accredited Practitioner and Cosmetic Acupuncturist at Lumenae.

Tina has over 25 years of experience as a Chinese Medicine Accredited Practitioner and Acupuncturist. She has treated a range of illnesses from infertility to skin problems such as Eczema and Acne.

At Lumenae Tina will be specialising in Cosmetic Acupuncture and creating holistic health care plans, for those clients that want to address their skin from within.

Biscuit – Clinic Dog at Lumenae

Biscuit has been an expert lap dog, pat receiver and personal doorbell for the last year. She is very excited to bring her skill to Lumenae in a more professional sense. Available on request with all treatments.

Ready to achieve your skincare goals?